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Benefits of having Acai Berry Juices
One must consume healthy juices every day for a better and healthier life. Although the benefits of Acai juice has not been proven until now. There are many people who prefer other berries like strawberries and blueberries to acai berries. This is completely fine. Before including acai berries into your meal, make sure that you consult a physician or anybody similar to get a medical confirmation. Acai berries are rich in many vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the body to work properly.

1. Antioxidants:

Oxidation is a harmful but a natural process of our body. Oxidation occurs mainly due to oxygen combining with our body during the process. Rusting of iron is a great example of oxidation process. The rusting of iron is an irreversible process because the bond created is very strong. But in case of human body, this bond is very weak. This gives us an opportunity to break that bond. These elements that allow us to break that oxygen bonds are called antioxidants. One must eat food rich in antioxidants as they make you feel younger and fresher. You don’t feel energetic because of the calories in the food. You feel fresh because you are going through ‘anti-rust’.

2. Heart:

The heart is the most vital organ of the body. Because if brain dies, you are in a coma. You may also be declared as brain dead. But if your heart dies, you are dead. Your heartbeat line is your lifeline. You would definitely want to make sure that it stays as much close to ideal as possible. But it is a very complex mechanism and care must be taken to ensure health of this delicate but robust body part. Acai berry juices are good for the arteries and veins. Arteries and veins become harder and harder over time. This is a natural process, but due to this hardening, the heart faces hardship in pumping the blood. There is no other way that the heart could do it easily. So it is best that the rate of hardening of the arteries should be brought to a minimum. Acai berries claim to do the same. They keep the arteries soft which in turn keeps the heart healthy.

3. Allergy caution:

Acai berries are very beneficial for human body. But there is no point in consuming food which makes you more sick than healthy. Do make sure that you are not, in any way, allergic to this fruit. Get your checkups done and stop immediately if you are allergic.

4. High Dosage:

This fruit is not recommended if you are going to have MRI scans. Tests have shown that people who have consumed acai berries have changes in their MRI scans. Although the fruit is very beneficial, it is still a bit controversial. It is highly recommended that you get a second opinion from a doctor or any other medical professional in order to take the best decision. Also high dosage of this fruit might be injurious to health, as it contains, fat-soluble vitamins. Overconsumption of fat-soluble vitamins leads to various diseases. These diseases come under one head of hypervitaminosis of vitamins.

5. Arthritis:

Bones are made up of calcium and phosphorous. All the structural settings are made in phosphorus whereas all the strength comes from calcium. With age, the calcium consumptions of the bones reduce making the bones weak and prone to many problems. These problems include osteoporosis, arthritis etc. There is only one kind of solution to this problem – increasing the calcium intake. Now there are various methods of doing it, some people prefer taking supplements, whereas some people are taking some fruits which are rich in calcium. Acai berries are one great source of calcium. There is a great way of doing things and that is the natural way. Acai berries juice consumption is much better than taking some artificial tablets made in a factory.

6. Weight Loss:

 Acai berries are less in calorific value. The carbs get converted into fat and add to your weight. Acai berries don’t contain much fat or carbs. But they make you feel you are full. This cuts a hole in your diet. You begin to lose weight as you keep losing all the fat for your daily energy requirements.

7. Erectile Dysfunction:

 Acai berries are rich in many vitamins. Erection requires great blood flow and good muscle health. Acai berries provide the solution under one hood. There are many berries that either improve the blood flow or improve the muscle strength. Acai berry juice consumption will solve both the problems. In fact, some medical drugs prescribed by the doctor contain similar contents when compared to the acai berry.

8. Skin Appearance:

Your skin cells are dying continuously. In fact, your body is not more than 7 years old. All the cells that you see are either 7 years old or less. This cell regeneration rate is required to keep your body healthy, But over the course of time, this regeneration rate is reduced as well. There are many fruits that anti-oxidise and make your skin look better. Acai berry has all those antioxidants as well as vitamins and mineral that keep your regeneration power intact. This makes your skin soft and younger. It is very common to see many skin lotions and soaps advertise their product claiming it has acai berries in them.

9. Detoxification:

The blood purification in the body is not a 100% accurate process. During the blood purification, there are many constituents that are left out by mistake. Acai berry juice consumption actually improves the blood flow and betters the filtering organs like kidneys for a better performance.

10. Fiber:

People having gastrointestinal problems might benefit from this fruit a lot. This fruit has high fibre content which is good for the gastrointestinal health and well-being. Fiber is also great for maintaining regular bowel movements. High fibre content compensates for calories which in-turn is beneficial for the weight loss.